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Are you ready to build YOUR Freedom Formula?
When you give so much to others; time, focus, love, attention, support, often you can feel overlooked in yourself.

You're pulled in so many directions that making time for yourself to do the things that YOU KNOW will make you feel better, happier and more fulfilled, can feel like an impossible task. You've tried - lots of times - in various ways, but nothing sticks. Nothing makes the lasting changes you want to see and feel.  

I know what the weight of that feels like. To feel like you're giving so much but it's never enough. To feel totally overwhelmed by all the hats you have to wear, how well you have to wear them and afraid to ever let one slip. 

And yet within all that, the one thing that does slip is YOU!

You've fallen down your own priority list and your health, vitality, even your joy, rarely gets a look in. It's so easy for us to get lost within the to-do's of a busy and often inconsistent life. You are not alone in this, I promise! You are not broken, weak, incapable or useless. 

Change is possible, because there is another way - YOUR WAY! YOUR WAY to consistently do the things that help you feel great and love the life you're living. And I am so excited to offer you an opportunity to have me as your coach to guide you towards it.  
to find your unique way to the healthy, Calm, vibrant life you desire.
This is how we're going to do it;
  • 6 Weeks of working with Georgie as your coach
  • 6 Core Coaching Modules - 1 presented LIVE each week
  • ​Livestream group and AND private 1-1 coaching with Georgie
  • ​Consistent support and accountability through a private YFF Membership Area and FB group
  •  An abundance of integrative exercises, feedback tools and supportive resources
    Module 1

    In this module we create complete clarity around what it is you want (you may be surprised), and how we're going to get there
    Module 2

    Time to breakdown old limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and pushing those feelings of 'never being enough'
    Module 3

    Learn how you connect with your intuition and your voice to start feeling more calm and confident in your choices
    Module 4

    An important week for integrating all that you've learnt, maximised with you 1-1 session with Georgie
    Module 5

    Learn how to step out of overwhelm and into calm, restorative systems that change how you operate within your life
    Module 6

    Learning how to navigate the challenges that like to throw you off track so that the behaviours you love, stand the test of time
    LIVE Weekly Group Coaching Calls

    Live tutorials and live group Q&A coaching sessions. This is where Georgie shares her skills and knowledge to help you really break out of old and into new
    BONUS 1-1 Private Coaching Session

    This is an incredible opportunity to be coached 1-1 by Georgie. This usually is only available to private clients who register for 6 months!!!
    • A LIVE video tutorial over ZOOM: This will be up to 60 minutes long, recorded live and then posted into your private membership area on which you can access at any time
    • A set of integration exercises:  Insightful questions and powerful self-assessments will help you uncover valuable insight and apply your new awareness to create new, updated approaches to your health, habits and routines
    • ​Weekly LIVESTREAM Coaching where Georgie answers your questions: Learn with Georgie as she coaches you directly and coaches others. This is where the magic really happens!
    • Private FB Community access: This is a sacred, safe space where you can share the journey with other participants; post questions, reach out for further support, share your 'AHA's, celebrate those wins and be led by Georgie who will check-in daily.
    In these 6 weeks we are going to work together to find what you REALLY want (trust me, it may not be what you think), deconstruct what gets in your way, establish new systems and behaviours that truly feel good, and learn how to make these happen consistently. 

    I will be there to support you every step of the way.

    You cannot expect to continue doing as you have always done and get different results. Your current mindset and skill set is creating your reality, so if you want to step away from feeling lost in the overwhelm and into a more calm, consistent healthy lifestyle that FEELS GREAT, then it's time for a few loving upgrades

    The real crux of it though? The only upgrades that last are the ones that work SPECIFICALLY for you! You are unique, your challenges are individual and your blocks are your own - this is why we have to create YOUR Freedom Formula. 
    The cost of this 6-week coaching programme is £397.
    (That's £100 off just by registering for the Webinar!)
    The programme starts October 21st AND spACES are VERY limited.  

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    How is 'Your Freedom Formula' Different?
    I believe it has to be different. 

    I believe that it is possible to make healthy habits stick and to you show up for yourself consistently no matter how busy life is. I believe that there is a way to build the health, the body, the wealth and the relationships you desire and, most importantly, feel really good within it all! To not have it all feel forced or miserable (and ultimately fail) but instead feel fun and nourishing and TRULY a joy to engage with!

    I really do believe this is possible for us all and I am determined to show you how to get there. The secret though? It's going to look different for each and every one of us! It has to!

    That is why 'Your Freedom Formula' is not a cookie-cutter programme that tries to force or motivate you into a regime that's as comfortable as somebody else's knickers. Nope, this 6-week, LIVE programme is about finding YOUR way to YOUR goals, so that you feel great, feel confident in your choices and show up willingly to create a vibrant, healthy life you LOVE. 

    This is not a pre-recorded programme that leaves you navigating the steps on your own; I will be there guiding you the whole way.

    Perhaps you don't know what you want? You've become so disconnected from who you are, that whilst on paper all things are 'fine' and life is rich in so many ways, yet inside you don't fully feel it. So, who are you to want more?

    If that resonates, then I am so glad you are here because IT IS TIME! 

    Time to learn how to give a little focus back to yourself and feel the rewards of that inwardly and outwardly. Time to reconnect with who YOU are, what you want for yourself, and then actually do the things required to get you there.

    It's time to free yourself from the habits and mindset that are keeping you stuck and find a formula that REALLY works for you, your life and your desires.

    Let’s break it all down.
    Here's what you're getting...
    • ​6 x 1- Hour Coaching Tutorials - delivered LIVE by Georgie each week. We will discover what you truly want, set clear and healthy goals, break down old limiting patterns that keep you stuck and set you on YOUR path to habits that feel great. 
    • ​6 x 60-90 minute Group Q&A Sessions - live with Georgie answering your questions and coaching you around them.
    • ​1 ‘Integrative Week’ to include your private, 1 hour, 1-1 Coaching Session with Georgie
    • ​Exclusive access to the YFF Membership Area which houses all of your (lifetime access) video content plus downloadable worksheets, resources, bonus videos and more
    • ​Access to a private YFF Facebook group for daily support, questions and celebrations
    It's also worth noting that I don't know when I'll be offering this programme again so if this is all sounding great to you then join me today to guarantee your spot. 

    And what's a bit of soul searching without a pretty journal?
    Enrol today and as a gift I'll send you a beautiful, 'chasing lobsters' faux leather journal. These are reserved solely for my beautiful clients to use so you can't get them anywhere else!

    We'll be deep diving into pattern-breaking, mindset-shifting, habit-forming work and this is the perfect partner to explore within!

    Email if you have any questions about the programme, payment options or anything else. This is an exciting opportunity and not one I want you to miss out on if it's exactly what you need! So ask away and let's get those queries answered!
    Otherwise, if you're ready to join me and build YOUR Freedom Formula:
    Who am I?
    I'm Georgie Muir and I've been helping people build healthy habits for over a decade.

    From my days as a chiropractor to my work as a life coach, it has been my privilege to help clients move from stressed and overwhelmed, to calm, content and loving their healthy life.

    So often I see people stretched so thinly they have nothing left to give to themselves. It's too easy - life gets busy so we disconnect from our needs and our bodies (relationships/passions/health/hobbies) get sidelined.

    We lose sight of who we are and start doubting who we can be.

    This is my invitation to start the process of reconnecting with you.

    So please join me for this 6 week programme and together, let's start creating healthy habits that enable you to feel good in your body, your mind and your life.  

    I hope to see you soon!
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